My Dear Gentlemen,


how do you do?


I’m Cecille. An independent companion in my twenties, based in an international cool city Berlin, Germany.


I do look like my photos, petite and delicate, sometimes I admit that I might be a bit quaint due to I am growing up with classical music since 7! But actually I am a very sweet girl. A natural slender body with delightful curves, soft and spotless skin decorated with no tattoos. I currently have blonde hair like in photos, an exotic face and tempting lips you will want to kiss forever. When you hold my hand, you might feel like to connect to the great composers somehow because I play their masterpieces at the piano. Unlike the photos in my professional portfolio, I do smile and laugh a lot! I am an intelligent and warm-hearted girl with a nice, bubbly personality.


Publicly, I am elegant, charming, well-mannered, and feminine. I take pride in being immaculately presented and dressed for the occasion. Thanks to the education I received, Schumann/Rachmaninov.Chopin/J.S.Bach/Beethoven(…)’s music and my own talent, my taste of everything is above average.


I am also a naughty woman and a collector of designer lingerie, so I will always have sexy little things beneath my clothes...a personal little fetish for your eyes only, that will be some moist details just between you and you… shh


I consider myself a hedonistic woman, always seeking pleasurable sensations. I am proud to say I live my life to the fullest. Time is the most precious commodity and one of my favorite ways to spend such time is with my lovers. The ability to meet different kinds of people and share moments of intimacy and chemistry feeds my spirit with satisfaction. For me these experiences go beyond intimacy, so creating a connection is a priority for me, to really savor our chemistry. Every date is a new adventure, unique and special. Maybe it is only a brief moment in our lives, but with that comes memories that last forever.


Have you ever fancy to spend time with an intelligent mind X stunning flesh? She always listens to you, or she also open to sharing you her “philosopher-alike” her incredible inner world when you wish to know more. She has always unlimited tenderness for you. She would love to go to classical or any concerts with you and able to discuss it with you in a professional way, and as well, she will be also very delightful to go to the little secret cabin in an endless field with no one around but only us with each other on the land. She can be the girl next door, but also the wildest thing who makes you scream hysterically in a pleasant way. 


She is a real woman, she can be anything you wish she is. She is like Water.


Measurements: 88-60-90

Weight: 50 kg

Height: 165 cm

Shoe size: 37/38

Dress size: xs/34 

Bra size: 75C Natural

Eyes: light chocolate/grey with lenses

Hair: blonde

My fav parts of myself: eyes, chin, clavicle, sphenoid, fingers and feet

Languages: English, German, a bit French, Hebrew, Japanese

Piercings: No

Surgeries: None

Smoker: No but don’t mind if you are



Food: Japanese, seafood and anything nice:)

Drink: pure water(without gas)

Profession: classical pianist

Hobbies: watching films(700 films watched at the age of 25), playing the violin, concerts, social, skiing, wellness, ballet, doing anything interesting with interesting people

Character: smart, grateful,  flexible, open-minded, deep-thinker, considerate, serene

Fragrance: Serge Lutens, Chanel, Tom Ford, etc

Classical music: Chopin Ballade No.1

The composers I play the most: Chopin and Beethoven

The musician I admire the best: Herbert von Karajan

Costume: Dior,  Jil sander, Prada, French things

Interests: philosophy, art, gastronomy, films, and open to anything interesting 

Colour: Purple!

Shoes: anything elegant and comfortable(mid-heels)

Fetish: costume play, female domination, the wild/romantic connection between you and me

Sensitive spots: shoulders, arms, fingers, neck, and cheeks, and…


Things I dislike:

Food: shallots, celery, coriander, ginger

Drink: water with gas

Music: anything mediocre and boring

Characters: duressors and harmful ones