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Thanks for reading my writing. My advertising, my social media, my reviews. Whatever shows that I am an upstanding professional who isn’t looking to swindle a few dollars in an internet scam. And more importantly, I paid lots of efforts in my job and I take it very seriously. The deposit is to secure our time together so I can ensure that we have the best experience possible, it makes me feel safe and more confidence to the schedule. I sincerely appreciate your trust and how you did it makes me happy and look forward to to seeing you:)

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essay - mankind

受不住金钱的诱惑也受不住肉体的诱惑:绝大多数的平凡人 受得住金钱的诱惑但受不住肉体的诱惑:脆弱的平凡人 受不住金钱的诱惑但受得住肉体的诱惑:有野心的人 受得住金钱的诱惑也受得住肉体的诱惑:强大的平凡人 成为诱惑本身的人:圣人 Can't stand the temptation of money or the pruriency: the vast majority of ordinary peo

essay - tears

论眼泪 眼泪是一种武器,也是一种软肋。 你流泪,当你感觉恐惧/哀伤/迷茫/困惑/委屈/愤怒/感慨,和其他时——哪一个元素最容易令你落泪? 当你流泪时,反方向地,这种感觉有没猛烈并迸发似地放大,就像绚烂的烟花在你面前的天空炸裂开来?这与你在电子屏幕里面看见的画面不一样,真实在你头顶的天空与你息息相关。 眼泪的源泉是你的潜意识。 你的潜意识里对未知的恐惧。 你的恐惧中看似不在控制之中的部分。 女人的眼